MemberMax: Dues (multi-layer structure for complex dues)

MemberMax offers flexible dues management capabilities, including:

Bundled Items

You can define items to be included when dues are purchased - subscriptions, books, videos, etc. You can also define whether these items are included in the price of dues or are listed as separate items with or without their own associated costs.

Multiple Pricing Structure

An unlimited number of fees can be defined for each of your member types. You can define different prices for domestic and foreign members and non-members.

Automated Dues Renewal Generation

MemberMax provides a mass dues renewal capability so that you can generate your dues renewal notices in a snap. An "Update Memberships" feature keeps all of your member details up to date (grace periods can be set).

Company or Individual Dues

MemberMax offers dues management for either companies, persons or both. Additionally, you can specify that an individual's membership be driven by his or her company's dues status.

Sub-category Dues Structure

You can define multiple "sub-categories" for your dues types; for example, you can provide Student dues with sub-categories of "graduate" and "undergraduate." Additionally, you can offer different prices for each of your sub-category dues items.

Multiple Non-Member Classifications

MemberMax also allows you to offer different classifications for your non-members, including special pricing.