MemberMax: Publications

MemberMax offers a comprehensive way of managing your publications, subscriptions and advertisers.


MemberMax offers a central area for managing your publications.

Subscription Management

MemberMax can handle monthly, quarterly, weekly, bi-weekly and even daily subscriptions. When you are ready to publish an edition, MemberMax automatically generates invoices for Advertisers and generates labels for subscribers.


Selling advertising space is easy with the "Ad Generator" in MemberMax. Choose the issue(s) that the advertiser desires placement. Invoicing is automatically handled when you "Publish" the edition for print.

Additional Charges

Have a need to charge extra for four-color ads? No problem. MemberMax allows you to define additional charges for your advertising clients.

Bundle Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be bundled with dues or sold separately.

Audit Management

MemberMax tracks the information required for ABC and BPA subscription audits.

Other Features

The subscription module also allows you to sell back issues and track reprints.