MemberMax: Order System

MemberMax offers a comprehensive order management system, including:

Multiple Fee Structure

The order system allows you to setup multiple fee structures for your saleable items, including:

  • Basic Fees - Member, Nonmember, Foreign Member, Foreign Nonmember Price
  • Dated Fees - Member/Nonmember, Foreign Member/Nonmember based on date(s)
  • Selectable Fees - Specify an unlimited number of Member/Nonmember, Foreign Member/Nonmember fees.

Quick Selection

You can quickly add items to an order simply by entering the item's code and hitting the enter key. Search for items by type, ISBN number, etc.

Backorder Management

Selling an item that's out of stock? No Problem. MemberMax offers comprehensive back-order management. Auto processing is offered for back-ordered items when you restock the item.

Order Notes

Enter "Order Notes" on an individual or company record and the notice will appear when you go to place an order for the person/company.


A discount percentage can be defined for each person and/or company in the system. The discount can be applied whenever the person or company places an order. Discounts can also be applied on an order by order basis.

Full Order Reversal Support

The order system has full Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) support. Process an RMA for one or more items on an order with a few clicks.

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