MemberMax: Inventory Management

MemberMax offers advanced inventory management.

Sell Virtually Anything through MarketPlace

MemberMax offers a MarketPlace concept allowing you to setup a wide variety of items for sale, including:

  • Unit Draw Items (Books, Videos, Etc.)
  • Charges, services
  • Subscriptions, advertising
  • Dues
  • Secondary Dues, other time based items
  • Registrations and exhibit space
  • Contributions

Full Backorder Capabilities

MemberMax allows you to place items for sale on backorder. Through lot tracking, when a new shipment arrives, you can automatically process all backordered items. You can also decide whether or not to take payment for backordered items at the time of order placement.

Related Item Management | Cross-Selling

Do you have complimentary items for sale? In MemberMax, you can "flag" MarketPlace items to indicate a relationship between two or more items. The order taker provides a simple "Show Related Items" option to list these related items for suggested sale. The related items feature is also implemented for on-line Web Orders.