MemberMax: Exhibitors

The Exhibitor Features are as follows:

Easy Selection

When you register an exhibitor for a conference, the booths and other charges are presented in an easy to use selection dialog.

Interactive Map

Color coded interactive map of exhibitor floor to show reserved & available booths.

On-line Ordering

You can click on an available booth and order on-line and pay with credit card (Purchase order or "bill me" are also supported).

Staging Privileges

Early reservation staging privileges for your most important members prior to making the floor fully available.

Auto Price Assignment

Depending on the order date, the prices will automatically adjust to the Early Bird, Advanced or On-site rate. You can override this rate on an as-needed basis.

Demographic Tracking

Track demographics for each of your exhibitors, such as "first-time exhibitor."

Track Booth Placement Requests

Track the booth(s) that the exhibitor has requested and the booth placement relative to other exhibitors.

Multiple Badges

Create multiple badges of different types, such as "Exhibitor", "Extra Booth Personnel," etc.

Track Product and Services Offered

MemberMax provides a place to track the products and services offered by each exhibitor. Additionally, if an exhibitor is a repeat attendee, you can reuse the previous product and services description.

Staff Review

Transactions can be set to go to "pending review" for staff to review before processing.

Process Cancellations

MemberMax makes it easy to process Cancellations and allows you to charge appropriate cancellation fees, if applicable.

Allow for booth purchases/deposits on-line (with credit card or bill later)

MemberMax can be set to sell specific booths or to take a deposit on preferred booth(s).  You can specify the number of booths for the exhibitor to set as preferred (a minimum selection can be made mandatory).