MemberMax: Reporting

MemberMax offers many structured, built-in reports along with advanced ad hoc reporting capabilities.

Comprehensive Built-in Reporting

MemberMax has over 200 built-in reports throughout the system; many have multiple output options.

Report Writer

The integrated ad hoc report writer allows you to create your own reports using simple drag and drop capabilities. The report writer allows you to sort your data, preview before printing and send the results of the report to a disk file.


The integrated graphing tool allows you to graph your data in numerous formats, including column, line, pie, area, picture, area, surface, triangle and spike.


The ad hoc sort editor allows your to sort your data up to 32 ways, in ascending or descending order.


The integrated ad hoc label editor allows you to create labels from your selection of records. Use Avery label templates, choose the starting label to save stock, format the labels and more.


Use the extract feature to export data from the database in multiple formats.

Word Processor

The integrated word processor allows you to perform mail merges directly from within the database. You can save letter templates within the database so that other networked users can make use of the letters.