MemberMax: Web

MemberMax was designed with the Internet in mind. With an embedded web server, MemberMax is uniquely able to display and retrieve information to and from the web without having to maintain complex multiple systems.

Publish Data From Database

Making items available on the web is a simple process. Each web-enabled area of the database offers a web popup menu to indicate whether an item should or should not appear on the web. Setup a conference, committee, events, books, etc. in the database system as usual and simply choose "Publish" to make the item available online. Here are just some of the capabilities:

  • Publish Conference Details
  • Online Registration
  • Join/Renew during Registration
  • Committees, Including Join and Expire Online
  • Committee Leadership Access (Communicate with members online)
  • Shopping Cart Style Online Store
  • About Us Page; Contact Us Page
  • SEO - advanced search engine optimaztion - you will be high on Google
  • Online Directory
  • Staff Access to member records
  • Latest News, Job Postings and Other Information
  • Person Record Updates Online
  • Company Record Updates Online
  • Member Demographic Updating Online
  • Address Change Requests
  • Join/Renew Online
  • Exhibitor Information; real time interactive on-line exhibit floor layout 
  • Custom Pages and much, much more.


Since MemberMax utilizes standard HTML pages for serving data, you can customize the content of the pages being served by MemberMax.  Customized changes will work wit software upgrades, no re-work needed.

Upgrade Path

Our approach to customization is done in such a way to allow you to take advantage of future features and capabilities without losing your customized content.

Order Review Area

MemberMax offers a web review area for all online ecommerce activity. All orders are stored directly in the database and are processed through the central accounting system after review. There is no need to key in or import data from another system.

Serve Multiple Sites

Using multi-homing, MemberMax can serve multiple web sites from the same structure/datafile. This is an ideal solution if you are using MemberMax to manage two or more organizations.