Hosting (a real database in the cloud, not just web pages)

Impact Solutions' partners with Applications2U to allow your organization to utilize the full power of MemberMax without having to worry about the installation, maintenance, updates, backups and support of the database.

All you need is a web browser to connect to your hosted MemberMax database for full access (with user ID and password) to all capabilities of the system. With broadband internet access, users can expect performance similar to that of running the database on your local area network.


All hosting services are located in an MSA environmentally controlled, secure data center with redundant internet connections, backup power and UPS.  

Impact Solutions provides for all operating system, MemberMax version and any other required software updates. System services, such as routine data file maintenance, will be scheduled with you in advance.

With the MemberMax hosting solution you have all of the same capabilities at your disposal as you would with an onsite installation without any of the usual operating and support management.

Key Features of MemberMax Hosting

  • Security Patch Updates
  • Operating System and Product Updates
  • Active Server Monitoring
  • Outstanding Customer Support
  • 24-hour-a-day access to your data using your existing Internet connection
  • Automated backups
  • No storage devices to configure or extra media to buy!
  • Web-Enabled Environment Support
  • Customized Firewalls with Support
  • Fully Hosted Application Service Provider Environment

Help Desk

Help desk support is enhanced since our support staff, at your request, has the ability to immediately link to and observe the user’s real-time activity.


Security is a major issue and concern these days. Your data is kept in secured facility. No one has access to your data without your authority. Each user will have to login with the correct security keys and passwords, with 128 bit encryption.

We keep a backup of all your data. Your company data will be protected each day by backups in case of disaster or damage. We maintain these backups off site in a secure environment to ensure availability if ever needed.

Additional Services

In addition to MemberMax, we also offer a monthly rental for the following desktop applications:

  • MS Office Standard
  • MS Office Pro
  • MS Project Standard
  • MS Project Pro
  • QuickBooks
  • Email (MS Exchange)
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