Payment Processing


  • Handle all revenue, receivables and receipts through one system.
  • Produce a certifiable audit trail for one entity or many entities.
  • MemberMax is a 100% invoice system for uniformity and control and to allow for reversal and return merchandise transactions with appropriate debit-credit transactions.
  • Invoices can be posted to the transactions file once per month or more frequently.
  • Invoices can be set to "pending status" and are not recognized as revenue until they are processed.


  • Extensive flexibility for dues structures.
  • Set up a configuration of web pages to simplify the online process.
  • Enable people to easily purchase, make payments or renew their membership online.
  • Allow them to update/review stored information.
  • Update member status based on web selections.
  • Use our extensive built-in reports to access member information.

Event Registration

  • Robust online conference registration.
  • Allow them to update/review stored information while registering.
  • Enable a registrant to purchase dues to get a member rate.
  • Use our extensive built-in reports to access registrant information.
  • Easily print badges or lables for all registrants.
  • Use our barcode feature to easily scan registrants in at a conference.