MemberMax: Overview

MemberMax is an ideal solution for organizations with minimal to no in-house IT capacity. Designed to be easy to administer and maintain, while delivering the advanced capabilities that are needed by today's dynamic membership organizations. 

One Technology

MemberMax is unique in that it offers a true client/server database system, along with an embedded web server, using a single, easy-to-install and administer technology. Traditional systems require a separate front-end language, separate back-end language, web scripting language and web server. 


MemberMax offers native support for both Macintosh and Windows, or any combination of the two. The system can also coexist in a Novell network environment. 

Standards Support

MemberMax offers great standards support, including: ODBC; SQL; Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), WSDL, XML (a.k.a. Web Services, Microsoft .Net); SMTP; FTP; SSL; WML; HTML; TCP/IP. 

Multiple Organization Support

Ideal for Association Management companies, MemberMax can maintain the activities of two or more organizations within the same datafile. With a single client installed on each workstation, you have complete access to all of your organizations. Organizational security settings allow you to determine which end users have access to each of the organizations. 

Advanced Data Retrieval and Analysis

MemberMax uses "Control Centers" to provide access to your mission-critical data. Control Centers provide a quick way of searching the database, displaying the results and then acting upon those results. For example, you can easily find all student members from the state of Pennsylvania that went to last years conference, but have not yet registered for this years conference - and then simply click on a button to email a registration invitation to the list.

Most products offer adequate data entry abilities, but data retrieval and analysis is limited or requires special scripting. MemberMax offers you fast entry and comprehensive data retrieval and analysis that is simple for staff to utilize. 

Dynamic Web Services

MemberMax was designed with the internet in mind. With an embedded web server, MemberMax is uniquely able to display and retrieve information to and from the web without having to maintain complex multiple systems. Using multi-homing, the system can even serve multiple web sites from the same structure/datafile. 

Easy to Deploy, Administer and Support

MemberMax uses a thin-client on each workstation. Once the client software is installed on each end-users workstation, the system administrator simply needs to install updates on the server machine and all clients recognize the update - no need to update every workstation when a new release of the MemberMax software is available. 

Integrated Solution (No expensive modular pricing)

With the exception of a fax server and the web component, MemberMax is sold as a complete, integrated system - dues, registration, subscriptions, advertising, email, etc., are all included. We do not penalize organizations for needing to handle common functions. Since the core functionality is provided to all of our customers, we are able to better design all of the features, which makes for more seamless and logical integration.

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