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What makes MemberMax different?

MemberMax is a comprehensive association management software (AMS) product that is capable of handling almost every aspect of running your organization. But, what if you have a special requirement that is not typically found in an AMS? A non-standard directory requirement, unique member data-tracking needs, or perhaps an integration with 3rd party software? We can help. We start with a mature AMS product and add the functionality that you need to service your membership. And, most importantly, the features we add to MemberMax for you become part of the supported product so that you can enjoy future product features. This is what makes us different from other AMS vendors.

Naturally, the product includes many standard features right out of the box:

  • Membership Capabilities, extensive setup options for any type of membership
  • Built-in Storefront / Order and Inventory Management System
  • Conference Management / Registrations
  • Exhibitor Registration with on-line interactive map for booth selection
  • Extensive Search and Reporting Capabilities
  • Content Management with Responsive Design (web pages auto resize to phone, tablet or computer)

If you find that other AMS products handle some of what you need, but not all, we are here to help.

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Impact Solutions, Inc.

Impact Solutions, Inc. is the developer of the MemberMax Association and Web Management Software. The company has been developing software solutions since 1988 and offers the following services:

  • Client, Server, Web Development
  • Consulting
  • Implementation Management
  • Product Training
  • Support
  • Social Networking
  • Product Hosting

Our niche in the market is to provide a broad set of functions on a reliable platform and configure and customize where needed to deliver reasonably priced solutions for our customers and support those solutions over the long-term.

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Some Key Features


Flexible dues management.


Comprehensive registration capabilities.

Website Interface

Dynamic webpages with responsive design.


Easily find and report on anything within the system.

  • Built-in CMS (web content management) with granular access for review and update privileges – fully responsive and mobile friendly
  • Comprehensive and flexible dues management with on-line join and renew
  • Complete conference management with on-line registration and join while registering
  • Exhibitor and speaker management – bar code generation and scanning
  • Subscription and advertising management
  • Committee management with on-line facilities and multiple levels of web access
  • Chapter management and chapter role histories and dates.
  • Full order entry and inventory management - all available on-line in a shopping cart format; back order and auto picking ticket and invoicing upon restocking
  • Comprehensive surveys and elections on-line – control of who sees the survey.
  • Contact management and day planner – classifications of contacts, key wording of contacts, linkage to the record that led to contact creation.
  • Extensive key word linking with multiple groups of keywords that can be assigned as needed to companies, persons, registrations, orders, etc. – on-line updating
  • Auto distribution to preferred communications method – email, fax, print
  • Built-in Job Board for job postings by member organizations
  • Extensive security – several levels – 128 bit encryption for on-line security
  • All system activity is linked to person or company records for complete history
  • Project management, including invoices for services provided
  • Ad hoc report, label and graph generators - extensive capabilities
  • Unlimited address types - mail list management with dynamic address assignment
  • Complete balanced entry accounting for all revenue, receivables and receipts
  • Multiple entity accounting with a single member, non-member record (one member record with multiple entity activity). Complete entity record isolation is also available.
  • Comprehensive detailed audit trail with easy to use “related records” feature
  • Preprocessed and processed invoicing to allow appropriate recognition of revenue
  • Full automatic amortization of revenue that is deferred – automatic deferral of conference revenue until the month that the conference occurs
  • Ultimate credit card security with out-of-scope processing; no credit card capture or transmission by MemberMax
  • GDPR compliant for doing business in the European Union

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We work with several partners including: Cyberlink, HigherLogic, Authorize.Net, Passkey, Lyris, Cdyne, Jobtarget and many others...

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